Johanneshov, Sweden

A whole new dimension was added to the Swedish sausage culture when innovator, gastronome and restaurateur, Ricard Constantinou, opened the Printz restaurant in 2013 in Johanneshov, four kilometres south of Stockholm city center. The restaurant lies in a large new complex named Tolv, due to the 12 different restaurants the center houses.

When he established Printz in the former slaughterhouse area of Stockholm, Constantinou wanted to preserve and refine the district’s centuries-old sausage tradition. Over 100 different types of sausages are served at Printz – including fish and vegetarian versions – produced in the sausage factory which is part of the package, as is the wide selection of beers. Printz is also where Sweden’s Pølseakademi (sausage academy) meets, and a sausage library is planned, to promote knowledge of and interest in this culinary specialty.

As is typical for Ricard Constantinou, the architectural and design aspects of the restaurant are fully on par with the culinary ideas and uncompromising quality. The large restaurant is divided into different sections, offering various setting to match the diners’ mood and preferences. The lights used throughout the restaurant are from Rubn – designed by founder Niclas Hoflin.

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