Copenhagen K, Denmark

In 2014, Kilo and BIG worked together with Cofoco and Hz on Llama Restaurant & Bar, transforming a dark, impersonal basement into in an open space that’s generously connected to the city. The walls and floors are lined with handcrafted Mexican cement tiles, melding iconic design influences from Latin America with Copenhagen cool.

Llama in Copenhagen introduces a menu inspired by South America and can accommodate up to 180 guests. Here you can savour on countries like Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile and Mexico, but there is still respect for the Nordic roots and commodities.

The interior design carries a number of main drivers — colourful tiles, black furniture, a vibrant green wall, and brass light fixtures — that together create a spatial configuration that’s conducive to linked experiences throughout the restaurant. Llama won gold at the International Design Award 2015 for “interior design” in the catergory “conceptual”. The lights used throughout the restaurant and bar are from Rubn – designed by founder Niclas Hoflin.

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