Herman K

Brøchner Hotels is behind the five-star luxury hotel Herman K in the heart of Copenhagen. The hotel is located on Bremerholm and is built in what used to be an old transformer station. The raw exterior and interior has been transformed into a luxury boutique hotel with 31 rooms, a three-story restaurant run by Michelin-people from the Restaurant Kadeau, a bar and top class service.

The room types range from the intimate Tiny to the Penthouse Suite on two floors and with a private rooftop terrace. All decorated to reflect the hotel’s distinctiveness, where design and art contrast with the raw concrete ceiling and the protected bronze slats from the time when the building served as a transformer station. Lighting by Rubn – design by Niclas Hoflin.

At Six

At Six in Stockholm, in the Nordic Choice Group and Petter Stordalens diamond. Interior concept by Universal Design in London, Lighting Design by Niclas Hoflin from Rubn.

Hotel SP34

SP34 is 4+ boutique hotel in the center of Copenhagen. Hotel SP34 is located in the Latin Quarter close to City Hall Square. The hotel has 118 rooms, 3 restaurants, a cool lobby bar, nice roof terrace, parking and a 2-story conference center consisting of seven meeting rooms and a private cinema.


Tures, one of Stockholm’s most beautiful venues, is found at Sturegallerian entrance from Grev Turegatan. Here you will find food and drinks in an open but relaxed environment. With custom glass lights among other models Rubn has delivered to Tures, Stockholm. Lighting Design by Niclas Hoflin from Rubn.


In 2014, Kilo and BIG worked together with Cofoco and Hz on Llama Restaurant & Bar, transforming a dark, impersonal basement into in an open space that’s generously connected to the city. The walls and floors are lined with handcrafted Mexican cement tiles, melding iconic design influences from Latin America with Copenhagen cool.

Llama in Copenhagen introduces a menu inspired by South America and can accommodate up to 180 guests. Here you can savour on countries like Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile and Mexico, but there is still respect for the Nordic roots and commodities.

The interior design carries a number of main drivers — colourful tiles, black furniture, a vibrant green wall, and brass light fixtures — that together create a spatial configuration that’s conducive to linked experiences throughout the restaurant. Llama won gold at the International Design Award 2015 for “interior design” in the catergory “conceptual”. The lights used throughout the restaurant and bar are from Rubn – designed by founder Niclas Hoflin.


TAPIR is a restaurant on Skeppargatan in Östermalm, Stockholm, with more than 30 seats. It is run by the chefs Jan Ingvarson and Arnauld Eygun. Their ambition was to create a neighborhood bar where you can go often – spontaneously or planned – for a piece of food in a happy, pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Rubn supplied the lighting – all the lamps are connected in a beautiful brass construction in the attic of the restaurant.


A whole new dimension was added to the Swedish sausage culture when innovator, gastronome and restaurateur, Ricard Constantinou, opened the Printz restaurant in 2013 in Johanneshov, four kilometres south of Stockholm city center. The restaurant lies in a large new complex named Tolv, due to the 12 different restaurants the center houses.

When he established Printz in the former slaughterhouse area of Stockholm, Constantinou wanted to preserve and refine the district’s centuries-old sausage tradition. Over 100 different types of sausages are served at Printz – including fish and vegetarian versions – produced in the sausage factory which is part of the package, as is the wide selection of beers. Printz is also where Sweden’s Pølseakademi (sausage academy) meets, and a sausage library is planned, to promote knowledge of and interest in this culinary specialty.

As is typical for Ricard Constantinou, the architectural and design aspects of the restaurant are fully on par with the culinary ideas and uncompromising quality. The large restaurant is divided into different sections, offering various setting to match the diners’ mood and preferences. The lights used throughout the restaurant are from Rubn – designed by founder Niclas Hoflin.

AKQA Gothenburg

London practice Amos and Amos has created a collaborative workspace in a former Gothenburg shipbuilding warehouse for the digital agency AKQA that references traditional Swedish architecture.

The vertical wooden planks were inspired by the traditional cladding on Gothenburg’s buildings, while the blackened wood was inspired by the cabins that stud Sweden’s archipelagos. By fusing the two the office became more comtemporary.

The former shipbuilding warehouse was stripped out completely before creating the office space within the original footprint. Overall the theory was to keep the space as open as it could be and instead have zones within that for collaborative workareas with flexible desk spaces.

The office furniture was carefully selected from Scandinavian design companies including Rubn.

Photography: Alexander Gardenberg

Casa Cook Chania

Isolated on a hillside of untouched Cretan coastline lies the ancient and atmospheric city of Chania, and this is where the hotel  Casa Cook Chania has built a family hotel that offers laid back luxury. The boutique hotel consists of 65 unique rooms with private terraces. The hotel is sustainable and ecological and is tailored to the postmodern family in its design.

Architects: K_Studio, Design/Styling: Lambs & Lions, Digital Imagery: Fat Tony Studio



One of Helsinki’s most famous restaurants and nightclubs is Restaurant Michel, revamped by Architect firm Joanna Laajisto Creative Studio. Laajisto’s vision was to build on the classic kiosks of Finland’s capital from the 40’s and 50’s, choosing materials intended to appear light and fresh, such as a pastel colour palette of pistachio green, white, natural wood and leather. The result is a comfy, new urban classic for a cosy interlude any day or night.


One of Stockholm’s best-known and revered restaurant groups, the F12 Group, is behind a generously sized food Mecca with an emphasis on sustainability in the middle of City. The menu, materials and certified environmentally friendly building are born from care for people, the environment, and the earth. Organic, authentic and healthful choices are all a given here. With custom lights among other models Rubn has delivered to Mother, Stockholm. Lighting Design by Rubn’s founder Niclas Hoflin.

Royal Danish Theater

August B is a cozy and intimate café at the Royal Danish Theater, located in the beautiful foyer area of the Old Stage, opposite Kongens Nytorv. The café is beautifully decorated in the gems behind the theater’s magnificent entrance hall. With custom lights among other models Rubn has delivered to Café August B, Copenhagen. Lighting Design by Rubn’s founder Niclas Hoflin.

K-Märkt Garnisonen

Karlahuset, designed by architect Tage Hertzell, was inaugurated in 1972, and today it houses restaurant K-Märkt. The building is a fine example of architectural structure with an industrial urban feeling, particularly emphasized by the spectacular color scheme.  Situated in a secluded courtyard and surrounded by historical buildings form the 19th century.

The restaurant is operated by a chef, a waiter and a pastry chef – Hanna Normark, Jens Dolk and Daniel Roos. All three have extensive experience within the fine dining and beverage industry.

The restaurant have banqueting facilities that can accommodate 600 seated guests and more than 1000 guests for cocktail functions. Adjacent to the restaurant you can also find a conference centre with meeting rooms for 4 people to 80 people and it also holds a theatre room with a seating for 256 people.


Vetekatten in central Stockholm is one of the scores of well-preserved, tradition-packed coffee shops where you can sample traditional Swedish pastries of superior quality.


Italian restaurant and cafe in the mall / urban escape Stockholm.

Panini Drottninggatan

Since 1990, Panini has offered Stockholmers ready meals and coffee to go. Behind the concept stands Ricard Constantinou together with his brothers Alexandro, Christo and Pierre. Today, the chain is well established, with food stores throughout the town. One of them is on Drottninggatan.


Panini Sveavägen

Since 1990, Panini has offered Stockholmers ready meals and coffee to go. Behind the concept stands Ricard Constantinou together with his brothers Alexandro, Christo and Pierre. Today, the chain is well established, with food stores throughout the town. One of them is on Sveavägen.


Panini Torsgatan

Since 1990, Panini has offered Stockholmers ready meals and coffee to go. Behind the concept stands Ricard Constantinou together with his brothers Alexandro, Christo and Pierre. Today, the chain is well established, with food stores throughout the town. One of them is on Torsgatan.



The food contractor, Ricard Constantinou, was assigned a mission to turn 700 square meters into a new meeting place. The result became what he himself wants to call a food theater. Right in the center of the Ring, Södermalm is a variety of restaurants that are specialized in refining fast food.

Fred International

Showroom/residence beneath the historic beams of an iconic Collingwood warehouse in the famed Foy & Gibson precinct. Interior design by Angela Harry, Art direction by Simone Haag and photo by Mark Roper photography.


At Hero, the style is minimalist Japanese food at low prices. Hero is placed in the heart of Copenhagen and is decorated in Tokyo-wooden style with large cozy coffee table, a tall dining bar and a cocktail bar in the middle of the room.

Le Felix Faure

Lighting for Le Felix Faure, Nice – Interior design Maison Balagane x Baldini Architecture. Photo by Studio 614


Matteannexet on the north side of Lund University was originally built in the 1960s and has now been completely renovated to meet today’s needs and requirements for a good study environment. The idea is a coherent knowledge base in the middle of Lund. A large part of the renovation and reconstruction is to unite different parts of the university. For example, new entrances, study places, living environments and meeting rooms have been created. Akademiska Hus is responsible for reconstruction and renewal in collaboration with Lund University. Rubn has been responsible for supplying luminaires for this project.


A modern, urban food court a touch above the ordinary. 11 different restaurants placed in the upmarket area of Norrmalm right under one of the great bridges in the Stockholm city centre. Here you will find high-quality, inexpensive dishes from all over the world. With various counters offering gourmet burgers, Chinese dumplings, Mexican burritos and more. A popular lunch place among office workers in central Stockholm, so here you can sit down at one of the long tables and get to know the locals. The lights used throughout the food court are from Rubn.

Big Bio

Bespoke design – Chairman Wall Double for the danish Cinema Big Bio. Lighting Design by Niclas Hoflin from Rubn.

Story Hotel Studio Malmö

Studio Malmö designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, is a 14 storey building with mixed features in the center of Malmö’s harbor area. Story Hotel Malmö is part of Studio Malmö and includes 95 rooms, a sky bar and conference facilities, shop, cafe etc. The hotel is furnished with exposed concrete walls, heavy red curtains and plush sofas all in muted tones and most rooms have ocean views. Rubn has delivered all the lighting to the hotel, both in rooms and common areas.

Haymarket by Scandic

A 4 star hotel with 401 rooms, restaurants, cinema, fitness facilities, etc. spread over 8 floors decorated in Art Deco style. The original features of the building, which offer the optimism and elegance of the 1920s, have been carefully preserved, restored and reinterpreted. It is the place where the Swedish actor Greta Garbo worked, and the magic film-like feel is a stark contradiction to the modern and cosmopolitan characteristics, creating an extraordinary design experience. Interior design: Koncept Sthlm.

Hotel Danmark

Hotel Danmark in Copenhagen is the latest hotel by the Brøchner Group, in two buildings: one from 1792 and the other from 1969. All rooms with custom lights from Rubn.

Le Roy Nightclub

The second floor of a late 19th-century building drawn by Architect Karl August Wrede in downtown Helsinki has been converted into a spacious nightclub and cocktail lounge by Finnish-born interior designer Joanna Laajisto. Le’Roy nightclub is located upstairs to the famous Michel restaurant. Wisely, Laajisto has kept the bones of the space for her conceit – an airy apartment framed by generously proportioned windows, stained timber floors and grey panelled walls – while furnishing it with a black marbled bar, small marbled tables, green velvet sofas and brass railings. The lights used in the club are mainly from Rubn and many of them are custom fitted for the space.

Cock’s & Cows

Looking for cocktails and burgers with friends, colleagues or family? At Cock’s & Cows they strive to create the perfect combination between food, drinks and settings. Rubn has delivered the lighting – designed by Rubn’s founder Niclas Hoflin.

Bøjes Brød

Bøjes Brød is a different bakery shop, especially known for its amazing sourdough bread. Like France, it is not a pastry shop, but a modern open shop, where specialties are carefully selected.  With custom lights among other models Rubn has delivered to Bakery Bøjes Brød, Charlottenlund. Lighting Design by Rubn’s founder Niclas Hoflin.


With custom luminaries among other models Rubn has delivered to restaurant Jensens. Lighting Design by Niclas Hoflin from Rubn.