Niclas Hoflin

Designed by Niclas Hoflin

Inspired by traditional Danish and Swedish design, Niclas Hoflin is the designer and maker behind Rubn. The designs adapt to today’s technology, style and needs, but are solidly rooted in the delights of the past.

Quality is about the details

We are a Swedish company designing and producing lights for everyday living and grand interiors. All lamps are manufactured by hand; with great care for every detail, functionality and aesthetics. Because Rubns philosophy is to give the customer the joy of experience the harmony between material, design and functionality.

Crafted in Sweden

The factory was founded in 1951 by the two brothers Uno and Östen Kristiansson, pioneers in the lighting area. Millions of lights for private homes and public environments have been produced in the factory since then.

The factory is based in Vittsjö, southern part of Sweden, in a 6000 sqm architectural brick factory. We have over 60 years of experience from making lamps in almost every kind of material. We do everything from the smallest to the tallest part all by hand and we take pride in designing each of our lamps which are highly professional handcrafts.


At seven years of age, I accidentally began my career in the lighting industry. I wandered around in our dark and dreary basement, armed with a wild imagination and my mums lighter.

As a kid, I was fond of everything that burned - matches and lighters were my favourite toys! Watching a heap of toilet paper burn in the loo would be the highlight of my day. I would hide in the cellar, undetected to the cleaning ladies, waiting for them to leave and turn out the lights. This would transform a perfectly normal storage and cleaning facility into my worst nightmare. Soon, the long and shaggy arms would catch me and swallow me bit by bit. My saviour was in my hand - the lighter. With the flick of a switch, the flimmering light instantly vaporized the demons and monsters that were trying to abduct me and take me to a far away place. Little was I to know that these childhood fantasies would lead me to a career in Illumination.

At the age of 30, I was privileged to meet the Danish designer Ole Palsby. He had the answer to all of my questions of what’s important in life – love, relationships, design, products, architecture, art. Everything is connected. People, objects and ideas – they all have to work as a unit. If you wish to pursue a life as a designer, you have a responsibility. You have a responsibility to design things that actually work, give people a value for their money as well as improving their life. It took ten years working alongside my mentor, best friend and everything, Ole, to realize exactly what I wanted to do to ”change peoples lives”. I wanted to enlighten what is important to people. I realized that my lamps would never be more important than the people themselves. My lamp is basically just a lamp – but if it gives you the light that you need for your moment and if the design gives you a good feeling, then a lamp is everything. When that happens, I have succeeded as a designer.