Meghan Sims

" My aim is to design and create soothing, balanced atmospheres of light that are pleasing to the eye. "

"Through my creativity I have been able to express the way my eyes see the world."

Early Days

Meghan Sims is a Canadian artist born with a rare visual condition called Achromatopsia. Being an achromat, Sims is colorblind, near sighted and extremely sensitive to light. Her unique way of seeing the world inspired a lifelong curiosity with the concepts of perception, light, shadow and the emotional values of color. It is this perception that has shaped and become characteristic of her artistic style.

The Passion

In an effort to grasp the qualities of light, Sims studied under Canadian photographer, Patrick Wey. The camera became one of her early adaptive techniques, enabling her to examine her surroundings in a measure of detail that was previously inaccessible. Having control over light exposure allowed for immediate experimentation into limitless perspectives.

The Craft

Upon completion of her schooling at the Haliburton School of the Arts, Sims began a mentorship with Canadian glass master John Kepkiewicz. Together they developed a series of adaptive techniques, complementary to her visual capabilities, involving mirrors and reflected light. This significant development allowed her to continue her exploration with glass and the role light plays in her life and work.