How we work

At RUBN we work with three categories of collections: The standard collection, the modified collection and special made collection for projects. The standard collection is the one we have in stock and that you buy from us or at our retailers. The modified collection refers to the standard collection – here it’s possible to choose another color, another material, another light bulb and/or another cable length so it fits your wishes. With modifications follows additionel costs. Some projects big or small have extra needs. The 3rd category, the special made collection is just that. We are glad to develop this product just for you. Please mail your inquiries to design@rubn.com

Place an order

Please contact us directly for inquiries about lighting fixtures. Orders require a 100% pre payment. Goods will be ready to ship within the lead time specified. Lead times begin with receipt for payment and order details. Enquiries can be sent to contact@rubn.com or call +46 10 207 12 12


In-stock items will be shipped within 1-3 business days. If you require faster shipping please contact our office directly before placing your order. If damage has occurred in shipping all packages must be rejected by receiver. Failure to do so may invalidate any claim.


You can view our current offering of ready to ship lighting here please contact our sales team here if you have any other questions about availability or customization.

Warranty & Returns

Beside being covered by 2 years warranty, the product has a 25 years warranty on all the handcrafted parts of the lamp/fixture. RUBN will repair or replace defective components or product. You find the electrical specification on the product sheet following every fixture. The IP classification defines the environmental framework of the fixture. Use of higher wattage bulbs than indicated will forefeit warranty.

Light bulbs

Some fixtures use RUBN designed light bulbs, other fixtures use standard light bulbs carefully selected for the specific luminaire. Either way we have it all in-stock. Please contact our sales team here If you want to order light bulbs or need light instructions. You find the bulb details on the product sheet of fixture.


Cleaning with soft cloth, slightly damp if needed. Do not use strong detergents. You find a care instruction in the packaging of every product.

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