The Angel has landed. And I am complex, formed by tension and by perfect balance, my arms suggesting a vortex. I am emotion and I am harmony. I am, I am, I am.


Astoria is a seductive choreographer, her slender brass rods rhytmically prancing, like shivers on your spine. Dare to create your own bohemian rhapsody – free your mind and join her in the Fandango.


Bloomsbury is an alias – and I am here to lure you in. Linear, encased in a polished metal shroud, my armor shrouds my softer intentions. Put me in a corner or line me up on a wall – I will surprise you and give you what you need.


Bolero’s wide brim suggests a complex personality, simultaneously private and extroverted, a reluctant star. Unapologetic linearity and sensuality ask you to discover his duality.


Simplicity is the co-conspirator of strength. Cassis is born of both, spun from a single metal sheet into a pure and dominant volcanic dome, its concealed core erupting with soft illumination.


A timeless storyteller, Coppola’s globe of blown glass embodies the measured breath of the artist, a transparent whisper, frozen and suspended in space. Tell me, what do you hear?


Grace recalls strength, faith, love. It’s how you win and how you loose, how you live in both darkness and in light. In this form of hemispheric metal and cut glass, Grace sparkles like stars under the dome of a Copernicus sky.


Sculpted semi-transluscennt glass breathes and bulges, then retreats to a point, recalling fleeting clouds and dreams, waiting to be born. Suspended alone or as an assemblage, Holborne epitomizes the promise of the possible.


Hunter’s gaze is fixed and quiet, senses and instincts focused. A precision spun shade conceals her light source – but her attention is expansive, listening – waiting for just the right moment.


My name is James and I am Lektor’s cousin. But I am more open minded, curious, my gaze wide, wandering over the landscape. Look deeper into my light, my horizon, and surrender.


Information coming soon.


In form, Kennedy is a masterfully executed, complex and multi-dimensional mobile. But Kennedy is also a state of mind, a meditation on movement and masses. Epluribus Unum : From Many, One.


Lektor is an examiner, an interrogator. Stabilized by a heavy base plate, Lektor can confidently articulate his attention in any direction, illuminating that which is waiting to be discovered. En garde.

Long John

A well-deserved reputation for going the distance, Long John has no peers. The leather and metal architecture combines with un-matched articulation and flexibility, putting everyone else in their seats.

Long lord

A celestial body comprised of blown tinted glass and suspended from a spun metallic cap, Lord’s minimal spherical form recalls the earliest references to paradise – once lost, but now found


Miller’s modern posture and elegantly proportioned shade recall the pioneering allure of his ancestors, proving again that classicism can be decadent


Solitary or as part of a suspended community, Monroe exalts the idea of connection. Pure spherical glass form is bound with spun metallic caps, suggesting communion, and perhaps, infinity.


Perched atop a slender iron rod from which to survey his landscape, Nomad exemplifies the precious luxury of solitude.


Conceived by the night and the moon, Otilla’s countenance glows atop a lacquered tower, cinched at the waist – a siren that beckons you to her shores.


The coupling of two iron cylinders conjures not only Volume, but expansion and acceleration, frozen in time, grabbing your attention.


Beauty’s where you find it. My perforated veil conceals my heart – and yet speaks volumes. My light and shadow pattern amplify, rhythmically, as you get closer. All you need is your own imagination, so use it.


Feel free to make your point. I am small but I am sculptural, forgiving and powerful. Use me flexibly, like the period in a sentence. Be restrained or be bold – or tell a story with me in multiples. I am Vox and I am at your disposal.