The Company

The factory was founded in 1951 by the two brothers Uno and Östen Kristiansson, pioneers in the lighting area. Millions of lights for private homes and public spaces have been manufactured since then.

The factory is 6000 sqm architectural brick building located in Vittsjö, Sweden. We have over 60 years of experience from making lamps in various materials.

The Process

All lamps are crafted in Sweden – manufactured by hand, designed and developed with the greatest attention to precision in detail and material. We build for grand interiors and everyday living, public and private spaces.

Rubns mission is to give the customer the joy of experiencing harmony between material, design and functionality. We honor aesthetics, durability, function and quality.

The Design

Niclas Hoflin is the founder of and designer behind RUBN.

Starting my career as a designer I was privileged to meet the Danish designer Ole Palsby, who became my mentor and a dear friend. We worked alongside for ten years and trough him I learned much about life, design, art, architecture and products. Most of all he taught me that everything is connected; People, objects and ideas – they all have to work as a unit. This have been my mantra ever since.

Design shall be crafted to last. It has to persist time both in expression, processing and use of materials. I try to achieve that through perfected simplicity; both in the lines that I draw and in my choice of materials.

But in the end it’s just a lamp and nothing more than a lamp.